3 Reasons Why Twitter is a Great Platform for Comedians

Celebrities are everywhere from the television screen to the computer screen. Social media platforms act as great venues for celebrities to relish in their own brands. This is particularly useful when your talent is yourself. Comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin and Katt Williams have made their way to the social media site, Twitter. Twitter, just as all social media platforms if used correctly, is an effective setting to develop and promote a self-brand. However, it is specifically useful for comedians and here are a few reasons why:

1. It’s personal.

With the increase of Internet use of mobile phones, users can tweet at any given moment. This ability allows users to get into the minds’ of whom they are following and it lets users see what they are thinking. It is personal because Twitter serves as a giant status update newsfeed. It encourages the sharing of thoughts. This is extremely helpful for comedians, because the sense of relevancy granted creates common conversation. With the “retweet” option, this ability is enhanced as users can agree or like the tweet can share with his or her own friends. For comics who get the bulk of their materials from their everyday observations (like Seinfeld for instance) will thrive on Twitter, because it fosters a casual and relevant conversation.

2. It’s functional.

In 140-characters, users are, in a sense, forced to say what they mean to say. Because there is a character limit, Twitter users don’t have the space to ramble. It is easier to keep the attention of an audience by only being able to tweet key chunks of information. For comedians, this is perfect. In their line of work, the “punch-line” is usually only one line. According to Scott Meyer’s Basic Instruction, aspiring jokesters should speak bluntly, honestly and simply. For that reason, Twitter is an ideal platform to share the punch line on.

3. It’s a showcase.

While they may be created in reality through traditional media, brands continue living on social media sites. The shelf-space granted by social media acts as a complemental point of contact to an already established message. In other words, the show does not end when the curtains close. Comedians, specifically, are able to empower their brands on sites like Twitter because Twitter is designed for users to present themselves to an audience at any time. This is great for not only developing a brand, but maintaining one.