Social Media Resume


full-time student; aspiring creative strategist


                                                                   Goal: To attract innovative employers within the advertising, marketing and design industries in hopes of procuring a full-time position upon graduation.

                                                           Education: Caitlyn Fralin plans to graduate May of 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University. She is pursuing a major in Media Arts & Design with a concentration in Corporate Communication. She is also completing a minor in Creative Writing.

Curriculum Highlights: 

  • Within her major of Media Arts and Design, Caitlyn has adept experience using Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, iMovie, and Garageband.
  • Within her concentration of Corporate Communications, Caitlyn has gained a sufficient understanding of design, advertising, strategic communications, human resources, photojournalism, and feature magazine production.
  • Within her Creative Writing Minor, Caitlyn has adequately studied and practiced feature writing, fiction, non-fiction, MLA Format and AP Style.

Profile: Caitlyn Fralin is a rising senior with a positive attitude and an unmatchable yearning to learn. As a corporate communication concentrator and as president of Madison American Advertising Federation, Caitlyn is eager to pursue a career in strategic communications. With a history of team sports and extracurricular involvement, Caitlyn not only understands, but values the importance of collaboration, time management and balance. Her motivation and drive paired with her acquired collegiate skills set makes her a competitive candidate for any organization.


President, Madison American Advertising Federation (MAAF), Oct. 2010- Present Professor John Guiniven, [guinivje at jmu dot com]

  • Caitlyn helped establish the club foundation through the creation of an organizational constitution and strategic objectives. She worked passionately with the executive board to gain recognition from the university. In collaboration with the vice-president and event coordinators, Caitlyn and her team scheduled weekly meeting agendas and designed presentations. As president, Caitlyn is obligated to maintain clear and fair communication with the club advisor, fellow executives and members. In addition to weekly meetings, Caitlyn plans skill-building events and arrange to have professionals speak. Last spring, the club visited The Martin Agency in Richmond, VA. Through the parent affiliation, AAF, Caitlyn and a team of 5 competed in the National Student Advertising Competition April 2011, hosted in Charlotte, NC, through collaboration in creating an original campaign. The case study was JCPenney.

Account Intern, circle S studio, May 2011- Aug. 2011                                                  Katie Wright, Account Executive, [katie at circleSstudio dot com]

  • Caitlyn helped manage three active accounts by handling daily tasks such as communication, research, analysis, creative collaboration and evaluation. She had the opportunity to participate in company downloads, group planning and strategizing as well as client status calls. Caitlyn worked side by side with the founding partners, account executives, creative directors, graphic designers, accountant and traffic manager on any assignment necessary. Her active role in the firm made a great impression on management (please refer to quote below).

Art Editor, Madison 101, Jan. 2011- May 2011                                                               Dr. David Wendelken, [wendeldh at jmu dot com]

  • As art editor, Caitlyn assisted the editor-in-chief with designing templates and designing the cover. Caitlyn was in charge of creating the publication’s concept and integrating it through graphics, typography and design. She coordinated effectively with the assistant art editor as well as other members in the critical production phase. A class wiki was implemented to manage and centralize class communication between groups.


“In the classroom and in her extracurricular activities, Caitlyn displays intelligence fueled by a healthy curiosity to explore and learn; leadership aided by an innate ability to think and act strategically and an honest interest in helping others succeed; and a terrific sense of humor.  Among the rocks, she’s a gem.”Professor John Guiniven, Advertising Professor and Madison AAF Advisor

Caitlyn was brought on as an intern at circle S for the 2011 summer. We tasked her with researching customer comments through social media for one of our clients, AMF’s upscale bowling venue brand known as 300.  The goal was to see if the 300 brand promise matched the customer’s experience. The results were used as part of a “2012 brand refresh.” Caitlyn’s findings proved invaluable not to mention entertaining as part of the actual presentation to AMF.  We have tried to bribe her into staying at circle S instead of returning to JMU. Didn’t work.” – Mark Smith, Partner and Co-Creative Director at circle S studio.


[Case Studies]

  • Grooveshark– This plans book was created as a project given in SMAD 256: Principles of Advertising. Caitlyn, in a group of 5, worked to create an a marketing campaign for the online music source, Grooveshark. As the account lead, Caitlyn helped plan and time each step of the process.
  • Cardinal Corp– In SMAD 241: Introduction to Corporate Communications, Professor Holman assigned the Cardinal Corp case study. The class was broken down into their appropriate groups and each student, assuming a role, worked to nail the problem and suggest a solution. The attached plans book is a proposal. It explains how we chose to integrate a new company policy targeted towards employees.

[Writing Samples]

  • Feature Writing- As part of her feature writing course, Caitlyn wrote three feature stories. Professor Mike Grundmann structured the coursework in a way that all writing samples could be submitted to the school’s newspaper, The Breeze. The procedure for each story was the same: come up with a novel subject, research, conduct interviews, write a series of drafts, make the appropriate edits and submit.
  • Fiction- In the intimate class of 16, students worked as one big writer’s circle. Each class period, Caitlyn or one of her classmates would submit on draft. Each student, as homework, would then edit and revise. The biggest takeaways from this class include fiction format, correct editing rules and honest communication. Imagination was encouraged.
  • Non-Fiction- The non-fiction course functioned much like the fiction course: in a writer’s circle. Revisions were discussed amongst small groups for the first half of the year and then the whole class at the end of the year. The biggest takeaways from this course include proper non-fiction writing, non-fiction analysis as well as group communication.


  • Melon Art- The assignment was to take pictures of vegetable and fruit clip art and manipulate each one into the desired piece of art. Caitlyn chose a work by Peter Max. The assignment was meticulous, but Caitlyn found it worthwhile as she became extremely familiar with the ends and outs of Adobe Photoshop.
    Magazine Cover- This magazine cover was created in SMAD 201: Fundamental Skills in Media Arts & Design Pt. I. Using Adobe InDesign, Caitlyn designed every element of the layout including the theme. Caitlyn received a class award of a gold medallion for having one of the best covers.

Advertisements- The following are advertisements from the National Student Advertising Competition that Caitlyn designed herself. Using her creative writing background, she helped create the taglines as well.


  • The following photographs were taken as assignments for course SMAD 225: Photojournalism. They demonstrate Caitlyn’s ability to use and manipulate a digital SLR camera as well as an understanding of effective photography design. The course incorporated photography business practices, studio experience and modern design. It was a complementary experience for Caitlyn as she enters the world of creative design.

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